Main Beneficiary

香港唯一以撥款及能力培訓,推動性別平等的民間女性基金會。婦女動力基金的資助伙伴為本地基層自助互助組織,她們直接與所屬的社群同行,透過消除針對女性的暴力和歧視,改善性別經濟公義,擴充女性的聲音及促進女性公民的社會參與度,從而推動性別平等。她們的工作對倡導女性權利和性別平等至關重要。 我們相信社群的帶領者最了解應對自身處境的需要,並相信她們的決定能為性別平等帶來最大的改變。

As the only community women’s fund to advance gender equality by grant-making and capacity building in Hong Kong. Our grantee partners are grassroots organizations in Hong Kong working directly in their communities to fight gender inequality. They focus on achieving freedom from violence, economic justice, discrimination, strengthening voices and civil participation for all. These are some of the most critical building blocks for women’s human rights and gender equality. HER Fund believes the community leaders we work with know best what their communities need most, and we trust their decisions when it comes to making the biggest difference for gender equality.



The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF) was set up on 8 March 2005, as a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to mitigating the threat of breast cancer to the local community through education, patient support and research & advocacy. The HKBCF is operated by Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation Limited.


Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge Ltd. is a temporary shelter registered as a charitable institution in Hong Kong. Established in 1986 under the Mission for Migrant Workers to provide a safe refuge and social counselling to Asian women migrant workers in distress as they seek justice.